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About Water Butts

We provide a wide range of water butts which offer new and existing homes a number of benefits;

  • Save money on your water bills by using rain water instead of fresh water in the garden
  • Help reducing flooding and surface water run off by storing rain water on your property instead of it going down the drain
  • Help save the environment by reducing your fresh water consumption
  • Rainwater is better for your plants as it is a more natural source
  • Developers can help to achieve WAT2 External Water Use credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes


The Code for Sustainable Homes 2010 Requirements

  • 1 available credit
  • Credits worth 1.50% points each
  • Mandatory: no
  • Aim: To promote the recycling of rainwater and reduce the amount of mains potable water used for external water uses.

For 1 credit:

  • terraces and patios - 100 liters minimum
  • 1-2 bedroom home with private garden - 150 liters minimum
  • 3+ bedroom home with private garden - 200 liters minimum


Assessment Criteria:

Criteria Credits
Where a correctly specified and sufficient sized system to collect rainwater for external/internal irrigation/use has been provided to a dwelling with a garden, patio or communal garden space (examples of such systems include rainwater butts and central rainwater collection systems) 1

Default Cases

If no individual or communal garden spaces are specified or if only balconies are provided, the credit can be awarded by default