Waste Water Heat Recovery

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About Waste Water Heat Recovery

Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR) is recognised by SAP as an energy saving technology, which means that it will help house builders achieve Building Regulation Part L. WWHR is normally one of the most cost effective technologies to increase a new buildings SAP score often beating Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, MVHR and solar panels as the most cost effective way of boosting a buildings energy performance (SAP score).

We provide a range of WWHR units including vertical systems (for houses), horizontal systems (for flats) and high flow rate systems (for commercial and industrial).


How WWHR works

WWHR works by recovering the heat that would normally be lost down the drain in waste hot water from the shower. The device is attached to the drain of the shower and uses the outgoing waste warm water to pre-heat the fresh cold mains water coming into the home. This means that the water heater requires less energy to heat the cold water up.


WWHR benefits for developers

  • Usually one of the most cost effective ways to pass Building Regulation Part L (by increasing your SAP score)
  • No specialist installation required (installed by a qualified plumber)
  • Takes up little to no floorspace


WWHR benefits for occupiers

  • Save money on your household bills (approximately 450-500kWh per person per year ≈ £20 per person)
  • Vertical units require no maintenance
  • Passive technology that is always working (no need to turn it on or off)
  • Vertical units are designed to last the lifetime of the building