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About Compost Bins

Compost bins are a great way of disposing of organic matter which can then be used in the home as a natural fertiliser for the garden. 

This provides you with the following benefits:

  • Reduce household waste
  • Compost available for use in the garden
  • Developers and self-builders can help achieve credits in WAS3 Composting under the Code for Sustainable Homes


The Code for Sustainable Homes 2010 Requirements

  • 1 credit available
  • Credits worth 0.80% points each
  • Mandatory: no
  • Aim: To promote the provision of compost facilities to reduce the amount of household waste send to landfill.


Assessment criteria:

Criteria Credits
  • Individual home composting facilities


  • A local communal or community composting service, which the Local Authority runs or where there is a management plan in place.


  • A Local Authority green/kitchen waste collection system (this can include an automated waste collection system).

All facilities must also:

  • be in a dedicated position
  • provide inclusive access and usability (Checklist IDP)
  • have a supporting information leaflet provided to each dwelling.

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