• Leading Waste Water Heat Recovery System
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit efficiency and budget requirements
  • Available in 110mm diameter so it can be installed directly into the SVP

Power-Pipe description

Key Features

  • Leading Waste Water Heat Recovery System
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit your efficiency and budget requirements
  • The Power Pipe is SAP Appendix Q listed with up to 67% efficiency - the highest available
  • The Power Pipe is simple to install - by replacing a section of the soil stack
  • Payback period typically within 5-6 years (based upon an occupancy of 4 people)
  • Made of high quality copper tube
  • Provides high efficiency with low pressure loss
  • Can reduce dwelling emission rates by up to 1 tonne per year
  • Requires no maintenance
  • The Power Pipe is one of the most cost-effective technologies for meeting your SAP (Part L) and required Code for Sustainable Homes level
  • Has a life span that can exceed 100 years
  • 10 year warranty


Power-Pipe Models

Model Waste Length Efficiency @9L/min Max Showers*
R4-36 110mm (SVP) 910mm 43.0% 3
R4-60 110mm (SVP) 1520mm 59.1% 3
R4-84 110mm (SVP) 2130mm 67.0% 3
X2-36 50mm 910mm 35.4% 3
X2-60 50mm 1520mm 49.5% 3
X2-84 50mm 2130mm 59.4% 3
E2-36 50mm 910mm 40.9% 1
E2-60 50mm 1520mm 54.3% 1
E2-84 50mm 2130mm 63.7% 1

*Max Showers: Max showers value denotes the recommended maximum number of showers that the unit should be connected to. This is calculated upon the typical expected operating pressure loss. Note that this can vary depending upon multiple factors including local water pressure - please see Power-Pipe Technical Manual for further information.

pp_full_length_trans.pngR2-84 installed.jpgPower-Pipe 4inx4in 300dpi.pngPower-Pipe R4 36.jpg

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