Five Panel Small Half Lantern dusk to dawn PIR
Five Panel Small Half Lantern dusk to dawn PIR

SKU: 1-0014-GL2061LU

Price per Unit (piece): £52.00 + VAT

Key Features

  • Pre-heated lamp ready to offer light on demand for security and space lighting
  • Turns on at dusk to dimmed mode (6w) and increases brightness (to 18w) upon motion detection within 3 meters
  • Similar light level at 18w to 100w
  • Dimmed level is 6w which is similar to 20w
  • Long lamp life of 10,000 hours
  • Will operate in cold temperatures
  • Available in Black or White

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This exterior light can help contribute towards gaining your 2 ENE6 External Lighting credits, as the criteria states:-

  • 1 credit - all external space lighting, including lighting in common areas, is provided by dedicated energy efficient fittings.
  • 1 credit - all security light fittings are designed for energy efficiency and are adequately controlled such that: all burglar security lights have a maximum wattage of 150w and movement detecting control devices (PIR) and daylight cut-off sensors.

Light on Demand

With PIR (motion detection) and photo cell (dusk/dawn light) sensors, this modern fitting automatically switches on to dimmed mode (6w) at dusk and off at dawn. When the PIR sensor detects movement within 3 meters, it increases brightness to 18w. When the sensor no longer detects movement, it slowly returns to 6w dimmed mode after 60 seconds.

Extremely energy efficient and exceeds L1a energy efficiency requirements.

Full Specification

  • Voltage - 230V
  • Lamp - 18w 4pin PL GX24q-2
  • Control - P-LUX
  • Finish - Die Cast Aluminium Black
  • Lens - Polycarbonate
  • IP rating - IP44
  • Motion Detection - passive infra red 100 degrees
  • Photo cell - activated 2.8 Lux, deactivated 44 Lux
  • Detection Range - 3 meters max
  • Mounting Height - 1.4m-1.9m
  • Electronic Ballast - EDS2 18w
  • Lamp Type - 4 pin PL or PLT
  • Lumens per circuit watt 61.3

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